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Mahlo DFI Beta Sensor

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DFI (Dynamic Flutter Independent) Beta Sensor:

At last, a beta sensor that embraces flutter!

The Mahlo DFI Beta Sensor will sense, log, and control your web process quality in spite of changes in loft, density or thickness.

      Unlike beta gauges that rely on decades-old technology, the new patented DFI (Dynamic Flutter Independent) Beta Sensor from Mahlo America is not affected by web flutter, passline change, ripples, sag or edge curl.  You can count on the QMS-12 Web Gauging System with DFI to deliver the highest measurement performance using the smallest beta sources. Plus, you get 64 years of German engineering behind Mahlo's robust machines to keep your system running YEARS longer.

      Download the QMS-12 DFI Data Sheet or  visit the Mahlo America exhibit to learn how the most customer-focused company in the industry embraces flutter - and innovation.