Mahlo DFI Beta Sensor

NPE 2012

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In order to assist our customers in the operation and support of their Mahlo system, we offer the following training options:

1. Operator Training

This training in the operation of the system can be performed on site at the customers' location. This training involves both classroom presentation and hands on involvement to verify the operators understanding of the system. The curriculum covers the operating principle of the particular system, understanding the control panels and/or user interface, the important information provided by the monitor, routine cleaning, basic troubleshooting, and so forth. The complete session normally requires 1.5 hrs.

2. Technical Training

This training for your technical staff is available at our training facility in Spartanburg, SC. This comprehensive training class allows your personnel to become practically self supportive in maintaining your Mahlo system over its operational lifetime. This training takes the attendees down to component level troubleshooting, routine preventive maintenance, and operation of the unit. This class is also comprised of both lectures and hands on involvement. These courses require 1.5 days and are offered routinely throughout the year.

Training Brochure

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